Mesa County landfill

Mesa County, Colorado

When your neighbor is a giant garbage dump, they are your worst fears.

Exposed trash blowing in the wind outside the facility. Erosion on the slopes of the landfill. Chemicals in the groundwater.

When residents near the proposed 130 garbage dump in Caldwell County worry about their future, they have good reason.

Take a look for yourself.

Green Group and one of its founders, Herzog Waste Management, ran the 127-acre Mesa County landfillin Colorado for decades before the local government took back control.

In 2009 the facility was cited for violations of trash being blown out of the landfill boundary. Their monitoring of methane was behind. Theymade changes to the operation of the landfill that were not requested or approved.

In 2010 and 2011, Herzog was given violations for levels of Nitrate in the waterthat exceeded the limits set by Colorado>, which could kill fish and other wildlife in the area. They also found Volatile Organic Compounds, which the EPA warns can damage organs and the central nervous system.

They were shown to be noncompliant with odor management, fire protection and employee training. These are the same people that want to build a dump near Lockhartwith no evidence there is an adequate water supply in case of fire.

Mesa County didn’t renew the contract in 2015, but instead made management in-house. They saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.