Layon Landfill

Inarajan, Guam

The rich get richer, the poor get dumped on

The long time Mayor of Inarajan, Guam may have said it best, “The rich get richer the poor get dumped on.”

Doris Flores Lujan fought the effort by Green Group holdings to bring asbestos to the Layon Landfill.

Like its dump in New Mexico, where Green Group comes, so does the desire to dump dangerous things.

The 317 acre Layon Municipal dump has 22 acres where municipal and special waste is dumped. “Special waste” poses an unusual threat to the environment, equipment, property or the public health welfare and safety.

Guam has been plagued by environmental problems at its garbage facilities for decades. The Layon landfill was opened after the Ordot Dump was closed.

In 2015, residents complained of a nauseating odor from the site, which blew toward a middle school.