Grasslands Environmental

Eastern Wyoming

Grasslands Environmental Oilfield Waste Disposal Facility is a 482-acre site in eastern Wyoming.

It was permitted, built and operated for three years.

From the very beginning, Green Group president Ernest Kaufmann said they were looking forward to “becoming an active and involved member in the local community.”

One problem. The neighbors didn’t know they were even coming.

The state of Wyoming doesn’t require public notice for these facilities during the permitting process, so the facility was planned right under the nose of citizens.

Jill Morrison of The Powder Basin Resource Council, a local environmental advocacy group, said that many neighbors to the dump didn’t even know it was there or how bad it could pollute the area until it was too late.

Think we have it bad with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality? Guess it could always be worse.

In 2014, the facility was inspected after an odor complaint from an area resident. It took six weeks for the inspector to even show up and he said he didn’t find anything. When the agency didn’t act, the complainant informed him that he and his family wereforced to move from the area.

Here are photos of the site and articles dated in 2017:

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- Green Group Opens Industrial Landfill in Wyoming to Expand Facility
- Bonds For Ponds In Wyoming

But just months later it all came to end.

According to parent company Herzog, the facility was sold in 2017 just three years after opening what thet called a “turnkey facility” that would be a “member of the community.” So much for Green Group promises.

The number of Green Group facilities that close down should be another concern to residents in Caldwell County.