The Siting Ordinance

Video of Caldwell County commissioners voting to approve the siting ordinance

December 9, 2013

On December 9, 2013, the Caldwell County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the siting ordinance blocking the development of 130 Environmental Park, two months before Green Group submitted a complete application to the TCEQ.

Community members from Caldwell County pleaded with their elected officials to step in to stop the proposed dump.

Caldwell County Judge Tom Bonn signed the siting ordinance on December 9, 2013, adopting an ordinance prohibiting solid waste disposal in Caldwell County.

Confronting the County Judge

Watch the video from Dolcefino Consulting that explains the history of the siting ordinance and the threat it now faces because of inaction by county officials

Wayne Dolcefino talks to Judge Hoppy Haden about siting ordinance

Watch the full interview between Wayne Dolcefino and Caldwell County Judge Hoppy Haden after the Commissioners meeting on October 14, 2019.

The last time anybody from Green Group met publicly with Caldwell County Commissioners was more than two years ago. At the meeting, David Green, President of Green Group tried to persuade the elected officials to change the siting ordinance the county had had for 4 years. David Green said he would get back to the county soon on the negotiations for better environmental protections, but two years later that hasn’t happened.