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New county commissioners bring fresh faces to Green Group fight

The citizens of Caldwell County will have to watch county commissioners more closely in 2019 after Green Group friendly candidates were elected to the Caldwell County board of commissioners.

Hoppy Haden

Hoppy Haden

Hoppy Haden defeated Alfredo Munoz for the county judge seat, which could lead to more votes Green Group’s favor. Haden may say he is against Green Group’s proposed landfill but his past actions say otherwise. During his time as Precinct 1 Commissioner, Haden voted to end the county’s legal fight against the dump. He also had secret meetings with Green Group while the County was fighting the garbage dump in court.

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Campaign Finance Reports

How the influx of new county commissioners in Caldwell remains to be seen. Haden’s return and Westmoreland’s ascension as County Commissioner could mean an invasive landfill is coming to Caldwell, if citizens don’t keep up the fight.

Election results:

Green Group ends landfill pursuit in Waller County

Here’s hoping they end it in Caldwell County, too

In a battle echoing David vs Goliath, an advocacy group in Waller County stopped Green Group from building a landfill that could have destroyed the environment.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to withdraw our continuing challenges on the action of TCEQ regarding our permit for Pintail Landfall,” David Green, president of Green Group Holdings, said in a June press release. “We have come to this decision after multiple conversations with stakeholders, our project team, and other leaders including Senator Lois Kolkhorst.”

Waller County Judge Trey Duhon, who campaigned against the landfill in recent years, called the decision “an amazing victory for the citizens of Waller County” in a June 25 Facebook post.

“Waller County always gets underestimated in these situations… I’m so proud of everyone for never wavering and being committed to protecting our county and especially our water!”

The fight against the landfill was spearheaded by Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead, a group similar to Expose Green Group. Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R – Brenham) praised CALH. “This landfill has finally been defeated because of the unwavering support of a citizen group who banded together to launch a self-funded legal battle against a corporate giant,” said Kolkhorst in a release. “This is truly a great day for Waller County and goes to show that the people’s voice still matters.”

Commissioners Court Meeting Minutes from October 9, 2017

In a vote of 3 – 1, Caldwell County Commissioners vote to end additional litigation against Green Group so that they might move forward with a Host Agreement with the company. READ MORE

Caldwell County Commissioners

November 2016: Two Commissioners who opposed the landfill are voted out of office

Residents will have to wait and see whether these two new Commissioners will vote to protect residents of Caldwell County from Green Group’s proposed landfill.

Alfredo Munoz is replaced by Hoppy Haden

Neto Madrigal is replaced by Ed Theriot

Caldwell County Commissioners

February 2015 vote to oppose landfill (aka SH130 Environmental Park)

November 2015 County Commissioners vote to halt negotiations with Green Group

Oops, you forgot something

A new candidate for public office may not be an expert on the Texas law requiring campaign finance reports. However, it is a crime to not file on time.


Where are the records Judge?

Since November of 2015, Investigative Firm Dolcefino Consulting has been asking for Tom Bonn’s records.

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