Don't let the name fool you.
Green Group wants to build threatening towers of trash.
An assault on the environment. Communities are fighting back.
These are their stories.
Here, you will see the real dirt.

The Fight Over 130

Just a stone’s throw from Austin, an epic fight to prevent a 17 story tall tower of trash from staining the barbeque capital of Texas.

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A Toxic Brew in Laredo

The Owner of the Pescadito Environmental Resource Center won’t promise not to bring superfund waste to this beautiful land east of Laredo.

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The Recipe for Victory

Waller County residents prove you can fight and win against a garbage company and its massive piles of money.

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A Trail of Trouble

Green Group and its founders have been accused of environmental racism in Alabama, 20 years of violations in New Mexico, and toxic fights with poor neighborhoods.

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It's called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. These are the watchdogs. They are supposed to protect our state’s public health and natural resources. Why are they looking the other way as Green Group tries to cheat its way across Texas?

Dam Dump

When the TCEQ approved a permit for Green Group’s 17-story tall garbage dump in Caldwell County they put lives in danger.

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The Real Dirt

We are not afraid to name names, expose the truth, and find the Real Dirt. Too many lives are at stake.

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The Politicians

We trust them to be the front line against a smelly tower of trash. There are consequences when they keep secrets instead.

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$preading the green

Green Group has been willing to spread the green to buy high priced lobbyists to peddle towers of trash. We're naming names.

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