Welcome to Uniontown, Alabama

Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice

Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice is a grassroots community service organization located in Uniontown, Perry County, Alabama.

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Picking on the little guy

The garbage giant Green Group has dismissed its libel lawsuit against the Black Belt Citizens, the group that has been outspoken on Facebook about the garbage company and what coal ash has done to their town.


Important links

- Two UAH researchers undertake cross-college lead poisoning study of rural Alabama town

- Alabama 7th U.S. Congressional District Terri Sewell

- 100th District Alabama Representative Victor Gaston

- 25th District Alabama Representative Mac McCutcheon


A Warning

Everywhere there is already a GreenGroup Facility in operation, people who oppose them have come forward to warn folks about their experiences with the company.

Tweet: I want to #exposegreengroup at exposegreengroup.com. #Waterislife #SouthernPeoplesPower