The Politicians

VOTE MARCH 6, 2018

Caldwell County Commissioners have surrendered the legal fight against the proposed 17 story tall Green Group dump on 130, ignoring concerns of shoddy engineering and fire safety. The new Commissioners Court will decide the fate of thousands of children.

We think Caldwell County residents have a right to know where the candidates stand on the 130 Environmental Park, aka, THE DUMP. READ MORE

A question of ethics

Ask yourself this question? Why would an African- American lawmaker want to help a garbage company put a giant dump in a place that would help ruin the economic future of places like Hempstead or Prairie View, predominantly minority communities? Green Group has been accused of environmental racism, and not just there….

Could it have been the money?

The Waller County Politicians

A Victory for Taxpayers. The expensive consequences of secret meetings with Green Group.

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The Caldwell County Politicians

So far, Caldwell County Politicans stand firm against the landfill, but we will be watching.

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