Ralph Marquez

Former top official of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the agency that has to approve garbage dumps. Between 1963 and 1993, he worked for the Monsanto Company. - MORE

Dan Eden

Spent almost 30 years at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Waste Policy & Regulations Division, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Division and Executive Assistant to now former TECQ Director Ralph Marquez, another Green Group lobbyist. - MORE

Jeff Saitas

Served as Executive Director for the TECQ for 4 years between 1998 and 2002. - MORE

Terri Seales

Former executive assistant to TCEQ Executive Director Glenn Shankle. - MORE

Dan Pearson

Consultant for Green Group Parent Company Phillips & Jordan. Executive Director of the TECQ between 1994 and 1998. Eight years as Deputy Texas Comptroller. - MORE

Jim Blackburn

In 2007, Houston Attorney Jim Blackburn was given the Barbara C. Jordan award for his “unwavering commitment to protecting our environment and the health of Texans throughout the Gulf Coast Region." Now he serves as a consultant for a company accused of secret meetings with politicians and landfill plans that are roundly opposed by citizens because of the threat to drinking water.

Jay Howard

Consultant for Green Group Parent Company Phillips & Jordan. Son of former State Senator Ed Howard, state lobby director of Hillco Partners, a powerful Austin lobby firm. - MORE

Joey Bennett

(SELF DESCRIBED) Hired gun. Currently operates his own Governmental Affairs Consulting Firm. - MORE

Ron Lewis

Former Texas Legislator. Former Chairman for the Committees on Energy and Natural Resources and County Affairs. - MORE


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