The 130 Showdown

VOTE MARCH 6, 2018

Caldwell County Commissioners have surrendered the legal fight against the proposed 17 story tall Green Group dump on 130, ignoring concerns of shoddy engineering and fire safety. The new Commissioners Court will decide the fate of thousands of children.

We think Caldwell County residents have a right to know where the candidates stand on the 130 Environmental Park, aka, THE DUMP. READ MORE

Bump the Dump

Environmental Protection in the Interest of Caldwell County (“EPICC”) is a grassroots movement of local residents who joined together in October 2013 to take action against the proposed landfill (aka SH130 Environmental Park) to be located at the Northeast corner of Highway 183 and F.M. 1185, just North of Lockhart.

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Caldwell County residents speak out!

Caldwell County residents send a message about the "Environmental Park." [WATCH]

Rally Against the Dump: Commissioners Court Meeting

On 4-23-2017, residents raised their voices against the proposed trash dump Green Group wants to build in Caldwell County. [SEE THE PHOTOS]

  • 130 EP Plea in Intervention

    January 8, 2018

    Green Group subsidiary 130 Environmental Park, LLC files an intervention in the lawsuit against the TCEQ, stating that “further proceedings… would significantly and adversely affect 130 Environmental Park, LLC."

  • TCEQ AG Original Answer

    January 5, 2018

    Attorney General Ken Paxton and the TCEQ respond to Original Petition filed on December 11, 2017 by opponents of the 130 Environmental Park Landfill.

  • EPICC TJFA Original Petition

    December 11, 2017

    Opponents of 130 Environmental Park protest the TCEQ’s approval of a landfill permit, and file a lawsuit in Travis County District Court, citing concerns about the location’s proximity to the floodplain, high-hazard dam, and water conservation district.

  • Hayden resigns from Commissioners Court to run for County Judge nomination

  • Caldwell County citing ordinance workshop

    November 1, 2017

    Workshop regarding the citing ordinance for Caldwell County. Those people who would wish to participate and make public comments should print out the participation form, and bring it with them.

    More info

    The Workshop is taking place at:
    110 S. Main Street, Lockhart, TX
    Second Floor Courtroom
    10:00 am, November 1, 2017

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  • Green Group sends a message to Caldwell County to change their ordinance. It prohibits a landfill where they want to build one.

  • TCEQ approves permit for 130 Environmental Park

    September 22, 2017

    On September 6, 2017, the TCEQ considered an application by 130 Enivornmental Park, LLC for a new Type I Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Caldwell County, TX.

    Read the signed order
  • The Administrative Law Judges (or ALJ’s) will be hearing argument from both sides regarding the Proposal for Decision. Attorneys both for and against 130 Environmental Park will have 12 minutes to sway the Judges to either allow the case to continue, or for the case to be concluded, which would allow the ALJ’s to set a date to then render a decision.

  • 130 Environmental Park Permit Application Goes to TCEQ Commission for Final Approval

    May 25, 2017

    Green Group puts ad in May 25, 2017 edition of the Lockhart Post Register.

  • Caldwell County residents speak out!

    April 23, 2017

    Caldwell County residents send a message about the "Environmental Park." [WATCH]

  • Out of state Green Group wants to build a Dump in Caldwell County, Texas

    April 23, 2017

    On 4-23-2017, residents raised their voices against the proposed trash dump Green Group wants to build in Caldwell County. [SEE THE PHOTOS]

  • Discussion/Action to accept committee appointments from each Commissioner for the purpose of negotiating a possible Host Agreement with Green Group Holdings

    March 13, 2017

  • Discussion/Action to appoint a Commissioner to begin discussing terms of negotiation on behalf of the committee with Green Group for a host agreement

    February 27, 2017

  • Discussion/Action to retain additional legal counsel to review and/or negotiate a host agreement related to 130 Environmental Park

    February 13, 2017

  • Discussion/Action concerning proposed host agreement between Caldwell County and 130 Environmental Park, LLC.

    January 23, 2017

  • In August of 2016, Key experts used by Green Group to peddle their tower of trash faced questions about the quality of their work, destroyed records and the veracity of previous sworn testimony.
  • Caldwell County Votes to Halt Negotiations

    November 2015

  • Caldwell County votes to reject support of 130 Environmental Park

    February 2015

  • Green Group shows it’s true colors

    August 2014

    Watch at 3:15

  • Dollars for a Dump

    November 2013

    How much is it worth to politicians to trade their citizens future for a big stinking pile of trash?

  • The Fight Is ON

    December 2013

  • Caldwell County residents received a letter this week that is likely to cause quite a stir in the community.

The Caldwell County Politicians

So far, Caldwell County Politicans stand firm against the landfill, but we will be watching.

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Where are the records Judge?

Since November of 2015, Investigative Firm Dolcefino Consulting has been asking for Former Caldwell County Judge Tom Bonn’s Records.

See the Evidence

Hometown Press

Why isn’t the Lockhart Post-Register asking tough questions about the landfill? Could it be because the company purchased full page ads?


What Locals are Saying

- Bump the Dump

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