The 130 Showdown

VOTE MARCH 6, 2018

Caldwell County Commissioners have surrendered the legal fight against the proposed 17 story tall Green Group dump on 130, ignoring concerns of shoddy engineering and fire safety. The new Commissioners Court will decide the fate of thousands of children.

We think Caldwell County residents have a right to know where the candidates stand on the 130 Environmental Park, aka, THE DUMP. READ MORE

Caldwell County Commissioners

November 2016: Two Commissioners who opposed the landfill are voted out of office

Residents will have to wait and see whether these two new Commissioners will vote to protect residents of Caldwell County from Green Group’s proposed landfill.

Alfredo Munoz is replaced by Hoppy Haden

Neto Madrigal is replaced by Ed Theriot

Caldwell County Commissioners

February 2015 vote to oppose landfill (aka SH130 Environmental Park)

November 2015 County Commissioners vote to halt negotiations with Green Group

Lame Offer

Oops, you forgot something

A new candidate for public office may not be an expert on the Texas law requiring campaign finance reports. However, it is a crime to not file on time.


Where are the records Judge?

Since November of 2015, Investigative Firm Dolcefino Consulting has been asking for Tom Bonn’s records.

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