The 130 Showdown

Kathy Bliss is the Editor of the Lockhart Post Register.

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from the clocktower private contracts public spending

Over the years, I haven’t tried to make any secret of my opinions about the use of taxpayer money to fund “special interests.” Frankly, the very notion gives me heartburn, particularly when that spending is shrouded in secrecy.

from the clocktower commissioners concern is questionable

More than a few times since “The Great Landfill Debate” began, I have had (and occasionally, against my better judgment, voiced) concerns about the way not only the opponents, but the supporters of this project, and even the Commissioner are conducting themselves.

from the clocktower a shot in the arm or a shot in the foot

For more than a year, the community has hashed, chewed, rehashed and quibbled over whether or not the County Commissioners should sign a resolution opposing the 130 Environmental Park landfill project.

from the clocktower why does plum creek always look so trashy

It’s no secret that humans generate garbage. Every one of us, every day, is responsible for creating the stuff that fills dumpsters and landfills. Making trash is what we do.

Now look at the news coverage...

- on split vote commissioners kill landfill talks

- county landfill to negotiate host agreement

- county to remain in landfill suit

- court seeks party status in landfill fight

- commissioners officially shun landfill project

- public split on landfill opposition proclamation

- comments to close on landfill project

- citizens split on landfill

- council eyes landfill host agreement

- commissioners okay landfill ordinance

- proposed rules ok seawillow landfill area

- county keeps landfill at center stage

- multi use projects promise bright future

- county city brace for building boom

- over objections court gives thoughts on host agreement

- court continues to stall host agreement

- case hearing grows to include politicians property owners

- commissioners hire lawyers for case hearing

- lisd focuses on new elementary location

- county gambles on 14-15 budget

- court gridlocks on development changes

- city eyes future growth plans

- landfill designed to protect water green group says

- multi use facility brings big promises

Now see the full page ads Green Group has been paying the local paper to print.

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