Where are the records Judge?

Where are the records Judge?

Tom Bonn was the County Judge in Caldwell County in 2013.

Tom Bonn

In October of that year, folks in Lytton Springs near Lockhart found out their new neighbor wanted to put a mountain of trash and debris that would be seen for miles.

Seventeen stories tall, nearly on top of the Leona Aquifer.

Just weeks later, Judge Bonn decided not to run for re-election.

In early November of 2015, the Houston based investigative firm Dolcefino Consulting expanded their Green Group Investigation to Caldwell County.

Waller County Judge Glenn Beckendorff

Former Investigative Reporter Wayne Dolcefino used cell phone records to prove the Waller County Judge Glenn Beckendorff was talking to Green Group months before the public announcement.

In Waller County, that was seen as an act of betrayal.

It was logical to see if Green Group used the same playbook in Caldwell County.

“Find government officials who will work so hard to keep your plans to ruin the neighborhood a secret they are willing to violate state transparency laws to do it.”

That’s why it matters that Judge Bonn’s records all seem to be gone.